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Protecting Consumers’ Rights In Debt Collection Matters And Insurance Claim Disputes

It’s natural to feel outmatched when you are getting harassed by debt collectors or getting the runaround from an insurance provider in a claims dispute. Debt collection agencies and insurance providers are notoriously aggressive when pursuing their own profits. In this legal battle, it’s critical to have a skilled ally who can level the playing field.

You can entrust your legal matter to our team at Hoag Law Firm, P.A. We are led by attorney Brian M. Hoag, who has extensive experience standing up for consumers’ rights. Before he established our St. Petersburg firm, he helped insurance carriers defend against insurance claims. Working as a plaintiff’s lawyer now, he draws on his background when he fights for his client’s interests.

Overwhelmed by your legal situation? Talk to us and learn your options. Dial 727-739-8665 to arrange a free consultation.

Holding Insurance Companies Accountable

Insurance companies rely on a variety of tactics to pressure policyholders and personal injury victims into accepting lowball settlement offers. These corporations are quick to offer small payouts because they know that claims applicants are relying on this money to cover medical bills, property damage and other expenses. However, if you reject their offer, communication quickly shuts down and the evasive practices begin.

Before you accept the terms of your settlement, contact us. Brian Hoag understands how claims are assessed and can help you determine the true value of the damages you’ve suffered. If your insurance provider is stonewalling your attempts to receive a fair settlement, he will move quickly to assert your rights. He makes every effort to hold insurance companies accountable to the terms of their policies.

Asserting Policyholders’ Interests In Property Claims

Property damage to your home can be extremely expensive. For example, sinkholes can severely damage your house, costing you thousands of dollars to repair your foundation and other affected areas. In these situations, time is critical. If your insurance provider is slow to pay out your claim, your property can suffer even more harm.

Whether you’ve experienced roof damage due to a natural disaster or other cause, or notice signs of a sinkhole near your home, I can help. Contact my team for a quick case assessment. Attorney Hoag will represent you throughout the claims process so that your rights are protected during this stressful time.

Stopping Debt Collection Harassment

In Florida, debt collectors go to extreme lengths to secure overdue payments for cars, property, loans and other high-value obligations. If they cross the line and engage in unlawful practices, we can help. Attorney Brian Hoag is well-versed in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and will zealously assert your rights when you are subjected to debt collection harassment.

He has successfully advocated for clients targeted by robocalls, autodialing and other automated practices. If you are subjected to obscene or threatening calls, Brian Hoag will move swiftly to pursue legal action for FDCPA violations. You do not have to be a victim of this illegal activity. We are ready and eager to help you put this matter in the past.

Get A Proven Ally In Your Corner

You do not have to face your legal challenges alone. Together, we can work to find a positive solution. Take the first step toward confronting your problem when you consult with an experienced lawyer.

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