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Highways in Florida are becoming more and more hazardous

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2022 | Car Accidents |

A pattern of ever-increasing traffic over the last few years has also emerged. A larger number of car accidents that produced injuries and death has become a reality over the last two years. This has happened even in places where there has not been an increase in the number of vehicles on the road.

According to a report from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there is a 17 percent increase in hit-and-run accidents from 2020 to 2021. Other accidents involving injuries and deaths have increased even more according to the report.

When do auto accidents occur most often?

Statistically, there are certain times of the day in which accidents occur more frequently. More accidents occur at the times of the day when there is less light, such as a sunrise, sunset, and at night. It makes sense because drivers do not see as well at those times as they do when it is light outside.

In addition to auto accidents that involved one or more vehicles, the number of accidents that involved vehicles and pedestrians or people on bicycles also increased. Hit-and-run accidents in those cases have also increased in number. Many of those accidents that occurred in 2021 are still being investigated.

Obtaining the appropriate legal support

If you have been involved in an auto accident on a Florida highway, you will want to make sure that your rights are protected and that you do everything possible to be compensated so that you can afford your medical treatment as well as obtaining funds so that you can continue to live a good life. The assistance of a knowledgeable Florida auto accident lawyer may prove to be invaluable to your case. The lawyer may be able to help you to navigate the process and will be able to support you from beginning to end.

Legal representation can assist your case in many different ways, including helping you to gather evidence to support your claim. It is important that you understand your rights completely and the lawyer can explain them in a way that makes sense. With that knowledge, you will hopefully be able to achieve a positive outcome.