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What to know about pedestrian safety in Jacksonville

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2022 | Pedestrian Accidents |

In Jacksonville and across Florida, auto accidents are a common and troubling occurrence causing damage, injuries and death. People who are in a crash will face a litany of challenges in its aftermath. These accidents are especially worrisome to the most vulnerable, namely pedestrians. Since there is no protection whatsoever when they are hit, pedestrian injuries tend to be worse than those suffered by people who are at least accorded several layers of protection if they are in an automobile. Recent information indicated how problematic pedestrian accidents were in Duval County. This coincides with other reports stating how Florida’s laws are not sufficient to maximize safety. This is important to understand when heading out and it is even more vital after an accident.

Pedestrians are at risk

According to statistics, there were more than 100 combined pedestrian fatalities in 2020 and 2021 in Duval County. Because this is an ongoing and obviously consistent problem in the area, a spokesperson for the local sheriff’s office gave tips for pedestrians to improve safety. First, it is important to be aware of surroundings. Some roads are more predisposed to accidents than others. If it is a multi-lane road, crossing can be a challenge. Speed limits should also be considered. Drivers tend to drive faster than the posted speed limit. Often, pedestrians are under the impression that they have more time to get across the street than they do in real time and are hit by a speeding vehicle.

Florida safety laws

A recent report from the Advocates for Auto and Highway Safety says that Florida is poorly ranked for laws related to safe driving. The authors give states a red light for poor laws; a yellow light for medium laws; and a green light for good laws. Florida has a red light. The statistics used were from 2019. That year, there were nearly 3,200 road fatalities. In the previous 10 years, there were 27,720. The cost for these accidents neared $13 billion. Among the recommend laws were a graduated driver’s license program with people needing to be at least 16 to get a learner’s permit and facing harsher restrictions for driving at night. They would also be restricted when driving with passengers, need to be 18 to get an unrestricted license and face a cellphone restriction.

Options after a pedestrian accident

People’s lives can be changed for the worse when they are in a pedestrian accident. Frequently, they lose their lives due to recklessness, distraction, speeding, drowsiness or drivers who are under the influence. Motor vehicle accidents are among the most common ways in which people are unexpectedly injured and killed. With that comes massive financial challenges, emotional worries and personal strife. Having assistance with determining the preferable course of action is essential when deciding how to proceed. Discussing the situation with those experienced in these cases can be helpful.