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Does Red Tide Mean Fewer Cars On The Road?

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2021 | Car Accidents |

In recent weeks, the scourge of Red Tide has rocked many parts of the coasts of Florida, including St. Petersburg. This toxic algae is harmful both to humans and sea life, and is filling the air of parts of the city with an unbearable stench. But is there a silver lining to this disgusting phenomenon that can actually save Floridian lives?

The Red Tide’s effects

This Red Tide has resulted in thousands of dead fish, manatees and other sea creatures clogging St. Petersburg’s waterways and filling the beaches. City employees are working around the clock to clear out the dead sea life, and have so far cleaned up over three million pounds of it. Even so, the stench of rotting fish fills the air in many parts of the city.

The combination of the Red Tide itself and the resulting dead sea life have had serious consequences for the city’s inhabitants. Many citizens of St. Petersburg have been reporting symptoms such as itchy throats and skin, red eyes and trouble breathing.

The unexpected silver lining

As horrendous as this year’s algae bloom is, there is an unexpected benefit that comes along with this situation. Many of the city’s inhabitants are reporting a noticeable decrease in vehicle traffic on the road.

Apparently, the dangerous and unpleasant conditions caused by Red Tide have discouraged both tourists and regular residents from taking to the road unless absolutely necessary. Lowered traffic congestion typically means fewer car accidents, and thus fewer cases of catastrophic injury that can change someone’s life forever.

If you live in St. Petersburg and need to leave your house, hopefully you will be able to enjoy the thinned traffic on the road. The decreased likelihood of suffering a devastating car accident brings you and all other St. Petersburg residents a much-needed positive aspect to the Red Tide plague.