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Ready To Hold At-Fault Parties Accountable After A Truck Accident

The Hoag Law Firm, P.A., understands the challenges of recovering after a truck accident. The firm helps clients recover for their losses, holds those accountable who are responsible for the victim’s injuries, and proudly serves clients in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater, Bradenton and Land O’ Lakes, Florida.

Different Types Of Truck Accidents

A truck accident can leave a victim wondering what happened and whom to blame. The Hoag Law Firm, P.A., can investigate the accident to uncover the facts and establish fault and liability for the auto accident. Possible negligent parties in a truck accident may include:

The Truck Driver

Truck drivers often drive long distances and have grueling work hours with tight deadlines. As such, the driver may have fallen asleep or was distracted while operating the truck. The driver may have also been under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The Trucking Company

Trucking companies are responsible for maintaining their trucks and training their drivers. If the company was negligent in ensuring that the truck was safe and the driver knew how to operate the vehicle, it may be responsible for the accident.

The Truck Manufacturer

Truck accidents can occur when a part of the truck breaks down. When this happens, the manufacturer, distributor or inspector may be liable for the accident that led to the injuries. In addition, the manufacturer of the brakes may be held responsible if brake failure had occurred.

The Truck Maintenance Company

Truck companies often hire third-party maintenance companies to keep their trucks in good condition. A truck accidents lawyer can look at inspection documents and the company’s practices to determine if the maintenance company failed to properly assess and maintain the truck.

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Establish Negligence Following A Truck Accident

If a client decides to pursue compensation for damages, an attorney will have to prove negligence on the part of the trucking company, driver, manufacturer or another party. This includes demonstrating that there was a breach within the parameters of the at-fault party’s duty of care.

For instance, the truck driver may have been speeding, distracted, texting or running a red light. Other ways that a company or driver may have breached their duty of care include:

  • Not maintaining a logbook of hours driven
  • Failing to document rest breaks or days off
  • Not adhering to rigid maintenance schedules
  • Improperly loading truck cargo or hazardous substances
  • Not adhering to local, state or federal driving regulations

Calculating Damages After A Truck Accident

The types of compensation that a client can claim fall into two main categories: economic and noneconomic. The Hoag Law Firm, P.A., can help assess both past and future projected expenses as well as other financial losses to estimate the value of the case.

Damages in a trucking accident case include:

  • Past/current/future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Companionship/care of a loved one

How An Attorney Can Help

Many of the clients whom our attorneys work with are unaware of their legal options or how much their claim is actually worth. For this reason, a lawyer can be a valuable asset when submitting a claim to the insurance company.

Gather And Document All Evidence

The Hoag Law Firm, P.A., can perform a thorough investigation of the accident and review all the facts of the case. Trained professionals will seek to obtain evidence that can substantiate the accident claim. Evidence may include medical records, eyewitness interviews, police and accident reports, camera footage and clues at the accident scene.

Build The Case

Attorneys do more than just submit documents. A legal team develops a strategy to present a compelling claim and support it with factual evidence. They understand what insurance companies are looking for or the reasons why they may reject a claim and build a case before submitting the claim.

Negotiate A Settlement

The attorney communicates with the insurance company on behalf of the client to negotiate a fair settlement. If the company rejects the claim or offers a low settlement, the client may explore other options, including filing a lawsuit and taking the case to court.

Consult With Us For Free

The Hoag Law Firm, P.A., is dedicated to helping clients who are injured in trucking accidents. They advocate for victims to get a settlement based on the actual value of the case – not what the insurance company is willing to settle for. If you are in the Bradenton, Tampa, Clearwater, Land O’ Lakes or St. Petersburg areas of Florida, call the firm at 727-739-8665 for a free case assessment.