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Skilled Advocacy For Victims Of Pedestrian Accidents

The most common pedestrian accidents are accidents in which the victim was not operating a motor vehicle of any kind. The victim of a pedestrian accident may simply be someone crossing the street. Pedestrian accidents have been experiencing a regular and steady incline and a greater risk to the general public.

Startling Statistics About Pedestrian Accidents

The CDC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, released a 2010 report that stated that nearly 4,300 pedestrians died in pedestrian accidents with an additional 70,000 related injuries. In the same year, the CDC also reported that a pedestrian death occurred approximately every two hours as a result of a pedestrian accident that was documented as occurring every eight minutes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently reported very similar statistics totaling 5,000 pedestrian deaths and 78,000 associated injuries.

Young and small children between 5 and 9 years of age and senior citizens are seemingly at the highest risk of being the victims of pedestrian accidents. Pedestrian accidents are not limited to only drivers of motor vehicles striking pedestrians – pedestrian accidents can also be the result of poorly maintained properties.

Injuries Caused On Dangerous Property

As previously mentioned, the most common and perhaps leading cause of pedestrian accidents are negligent drivers. However, there are a variety of different causes that can contribute to and result in pedestrian accidents.

Some of these contributing factors include the following:

  • Property defects
  • Sidewalk construction
  • Closed sidewalks (due to construction) that forces pedestrians onto the street
  • Poorly maintained sidewalks
  • Short stoplights
  • Malfunctioning property equipment
  • Lack of proper safety precautions practiced on properties and premises

How An Attorney Can Build A Strong Claim

Should you become a victim of a pedestrian accident and suffer associated injuries, hiring a personal injury lawyer with the correct credentials and experience in pedestrian accidents will be of the utmost importance. Your attorney will also have the knowledge of how to use the Florida laws and guidelines to your advantage and strengthen the validity of your case or claim.

Your pedestrian accident lawyer will also know the different types of property discrepancies to search for and gather evidence, as well as the “telltale” signs of negligent drivers. In some cases your lawyer will even be able to identify negligence or the fault of the city or municipality where the accident occurred – maybe the city did not have a marked crosswalk, or perhaps the “Walk/Don’t Walk” indicator was not functioning.

Nonetheless, you do not want to forfeit your right and opportunity to recover the damages and compensation that you are legally entitled to receive as a victim of a preventable accident. Do not be afraid to fight 100%, as you are not the guilty party – you have done nothing wrong, and you deserve compensation.

Don’t Take A Chance With Your Claim. Get Experienced Representation.

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