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Fight For Full Compensation After Your Bicycle Accident

While injuries caused by bicycle accidents aren’t as common as other types of accidents (i.e., car accidents and the injuries caused by them), they are more common than many people are aware of. In 2012, the NHTSA reported an estimated 49,000 bicycle accident injuries, among which were nearly 800 fatalities. A majority of these preventable road accidents are the results of an inattentive driver.

Common Causes Of These Accidents

Consulting and hiring a bicycle accident lawyer who knows and understands the intricacies of bicycle law is imperative. As educated legal professionals in the field, they are trained to identify small, significant details such as vehicle drivers:

    • Violating the right of way of cyclists
    • Failing to check their “blind spot”
    • Making illegal turns and lane changes
    • Sideswiping cyclists
    • Failing to stop at red lights and stop signs
    • Driving on the “shoulder”
    • Ignoring designated bike lanes

These are all important factors that will contribute heavily to your case and have a determining effect on its outcome.

When You Wait Too Long To Consult An Attorney

You should consult or hire your Tampa Bay area bicycle accident attorney as soon as possible. The most common mistake of bicycle accident victims is that they don’t believe they have a case, or they believe they’re capable of making this determination themselves – they are not. In doing so, they often lose valuable time and typically can lose their case. The longer you wait to seek a legal representative and consultation, the more your case can deteriorate.

Here are some damaging results of waiting too long to take action:

    • Vital evidence can be lost.
    • Key witnesses may no longer be available.
    • The driver’s insurance company and lawyers may gain the upper hand.
    • You may be undercompensated and have to accept a lesser settlement.

Unsure Of Your Next Steps? Contact Us For Help.

Don’t let uncertainty stop you from asserting your rights. Our team is here to help you fight for the compensation you deserve. Speak to an experienced attorney for free and learn about your next steps.

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